I will list a few different restaurants every week! After I describe the food and restaurant I will rate it between 1-10 on if its a good date spot, ambience, price and if they have good sweet tea & rice (my personalized touch that makes my food reviews different than anyones) Heres my picks for this week!

Week 10/4
Frank Hot Dog
There are so many good restaurants downtown Austin to try but Frank is the best place to go if you are looking for something that reminds you of your childhood. There are so many different hot dogs to choose from and of coarse they have the best poutine in Austin! I love the two story dining experience as well, because you can sit on the 2nd floor and watch the bands that play weekly while enjoying a good drink and amazing food.

Date night: 10
Ambience: 10
Price: $6-$18
Sweet Tea: okay
Rice: none

Living in Austin you have so many amazing Tex Mex restaurants to choose from so why go here? The ambience is incredible and they have one of a kind drinks. Vivo is a old house converted into a beautiful restaurant. Yes the typical strawberry margarita is amazing but Vivo offers up so many unique margaritas, my favorite is the cucumber one! They top it with a edible flower and every girl and woman on their way out gets a rose to keep. The quesadillas & tacos are to die for! Vivo is on Manor Rd. and in north Austin but I recommend only the Manor Rd one especially for a date night. There are unique places to walk around after enjoying dinner and its only 5 minutes from downtown!

Date night: 10
Ambience: 10
Price: $8-$30
Sweet Tea: good
Rice: amazing

Week 9/27
South Austin has a lot of amazing places to eat, but Olivia is my favorite upscale spot as far as South Austin goes. They make French Fries look like art and the tomato jam is so yummy! The ambience, food and service is amazing! The website speaks for itself! http://www.olivia-austin.com

Date night: 10
Ambience: 10
Price: $15-$80
Sweet Tea: good
Rice: okay

Black Sheep Lodge
I’ve been going to Black Sheep Lodge for years and they have 26 beers on tap and over 125 bottled beers! This is not a chain restaurant and its where the locals go. You can NOT leave here without getting a side of their tater tots! If you are looking for a low key spot to hang out this place is perfect 7 days a week. Parking is a pain in the butt but its well worth it for the drink specials and amazing burgers!

Date night: 6
Ambience: 8
Price: $8- $20
Sweet Tea: good
Rice: no rice

Week 9/20/13
Quality Seafood
This seafood restaurant not only has my favorite seafood in Austin but also they supply the seafood to all of the expensive restaurants in Austin! You can also get fresh seafood here to take home and cook! The people who work here are always nice. You have to order at the register then you sit down and they bring it to you. I have never been there when there wasn’t a line out the door, and there is always a wait for your food to come, but it is WELL WORTH IT. They have live music some nights as well.

Date night: 8
Ambience: 6
Price: $10-$50
Sweet tea: weak
Rice: amazing

Mother’s vegan/vegetarian restaurant
It is Austin…..and vegans and vegetarians love their food! Mother’s is one of the few restaurants in Austin where you could eat the plate too….kidding. But really this restaurant doesn’t have one bad thing on the menu. You will leave here and not believe that you just had the most amazing meal and it has no meat or cheese in it, because its Mother’s, they do that to you. Mother’s is located in the heart of Hyde Park and a walk from Dolce Vita which is my favorite coffee shop in Austin.

Date night: 7
Abience: 8
Price: $10-$20
Sweet tea: good but not amazing
Rice: good but not amazing

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